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Most popular thing currently streaming on Canadian Netflix is disappointment

OTTAWA – A new research poll confirmed today that, for the 15th
straight month, the pure feeling of disappointment was the most
popular item streamed by Canadian users.

“According to our data, it appears Canadians would much rather watch
themselves feel disillusionment than season 3 of ‘Little Mosque on the
Prairie,’ or part 3 of a 5-part documentary on water,” said research
director Jeffrey Booth.

Longtime Netflix user Erika Burncraft admitted that, though she “keeps
meaning to find a new TV series” since finishing the latest season of
“Arrested Development” in a single night, she keeps falling back on
her old favourite: the sensation of having once jubilant expectations
wither away into nothingness.

“Its a guilty pleasure, I know. But after a hard day at work,
sometimes you just want to stick with what you know rather than hope
that the French Canadian dramedy about a young man’s sexual awakening
in the midst of the 1995 referendum is as good as claimed by the one
blogger who saw it.”

Thomas Hepburn, CEO of Netflix Canada, said that whatever they choose
to stream he was “delighted that so many Canadians have decided to
replace outdated entertainment systems like digital cable with a
Netflix Canada subscription that allows them access to hours of TV
shows that were cancelled for very good reasons, as well as foreign
films so bleak they make one question whether internet streaming can
actually entertain in addition to acting as an electronic conduit for
visual agony.”

“And it only costs like 8 bucks a month!” Hepburn added.

Booth acknowledged that the CRTC had little role to play in managing
Canadian’s viewing choices, and cannot regulate what Netflix options
are made available North of the U.S. border. But the Canadian Netflix
trend remained disconcerting. “Ever since the American Netflix added
every season of ‘30 Rock,’ the number of Canadians applying for entry
visas to the U.S. has quadrupled.”