Man spends $3000 dollars on snakes in one day - The Beaverton

Man spends $3000 dollars on snakes in one day

HALIFAX – Local herpetophile James Carruthers spent upwards of $2900 on 2 juvenile Burmese pythons in the back room of Sammy’s pet store earlier this afternoon.

are the best”, said Carruthers. “They’re the original badasses.” When asked how he planned to feed the 200-pound snakes, Carruthers flicked his shoulder-length hair and replied, “Odin and Vampirus can feed themselves – that’s what’s awesome about the whole thing.” Carruthers believes that the pythons will be well taken care of, claiming that his grandmother Mary-Sue Carruthers, 78, and half-brother Sam Carruthers, six-and-a-half, can take care of the snakes while he’s at work.

with files by Vanessa Purdy