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Adorable! Five puppies who are sick of being your emotional crutch

All are cute. But these five have a certain je ne sais quoi that really makes them cry out “Stop making me the symbol of all the love you haven’t received!” Whether it’s their sweet, high-pitched barks, or the dopey expression in their eyes, these puppies have had more than enough of you.

Golden Retriever
Awww! This little guy has a face that just seems to say “love me”! His golden downy fur almost makes him look like a lil duckling. His tail never stops wagging, but he isn’t free of worry. He dreads the thought of people like you, because he can feel through the screen your need to dump all the stress of your day on to his ittie-bittie shoulders!

There’s no way you’d ever support a ban on this adorable pit bull! In fact, the only “pittie” about this pup, is the fact that she doesn’t have the ability to speak! If she did, she would say that you should “talk to a therapist”, and that “no dog’s smile is big enough to fill the hole in your heart!” What a little champ.

How do their bodies get so long?! Even when they’re puppies! They’re like brave little sausages walking around! What a sweet little log boy he is! And those eyes! Boy oh boy! You have no idea how unhealthy it is to put so much emotional pressure on this picture! What a mess you are! Holy shit!

French Bulldog
This playful little scamp reminds you so much of your ex! It’s hard for you to believe, but this Frenchie is just like them in “so many ways.” Those adorable pointy ears and head too big for the body make you sob and sob and sob. You’re really making a bit of a scene! Time to go inside, no?

Saint Bernard
The Saint Bernard is smarter than the average puppy! He knows it’s only a matter of time until he’ll be big enough to stop your clinginess once and for all. He’s an expert tracker. In fact, he put up this picture just so he could find your IP address and hunt you down. He’ll be seeing you soon! And he knows no one will ever suspect the Saint Bernard. So cute!

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