Erratic orbit of Pluto used as pick-up line - The Beaverton

Erratic orbit of Pluto used as pick-up line

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YORK, ON – At a downtown house party over the weekend, James Denison, 21, a third-year astronomy major at York University, used an unconventional method to initiate a conversation with a girl.

Sheri Matios, 23, pretty girl at York, and a group of friends were having a conversation when Denison overheard Matios say, “…anyway, it might as well be on – I don’t have money for a plane ticket to Jamaica.”

Denison, seeing an opportunity to enter the conversation, emerged from the shadows and said, “Ya, Pluto has one messed up orbit. We can never accurately predict conjunctions between it and other planets.”

According to witnesses, Matios and her friends did not respond to the statement, and stared cautiously at the newcomer. Denison, sensing that he had said something wrong, tried to salvage the conversation by saying, “Well, they’re not sure if it’s even an actual now. All these years, eh…heh.”

After once again failing to hit it off with Matios and accidentally knocking over her drink, Denison finally retreated.